CNN 10 – May 31, 2019

May 31, 2019

Welcome to our last show of the season! We’re explaining why another election is ahead for Israel, and we’re looking into what’s being called a “Cold War in Tech.” Also featured: history involving tulips and speculative investments.
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1. What international issue was the biggest factor in the decision of British Prime Minister Theresa May to announce her resignation?
2. What U.S. holiday has its roots in a Civil War observance in which Americans would decorate the graves of their loved ones who had died in battle?
3. Bad weather, overcrowding, and inexperienced climbers are three reasons cited for a particularly deadly season at what location?
4. Name two of the six U.S. states mentioned in Wednesday’s show that have been impacted by violent weather in recent weeks.
5. Name the international law enforcement agency that was founded in 1923 and grew to become the largest organization of its kind with 194 member countries.
6. What nation is home to more African elephants than any other country on the African continent?
7. The country named in question 6 recently changed its 5-year-old law that banned what activity?
8. Thursday’s program on technology and accessibility featured a segment about a Scewo-brand wheelchair designed to do what?
9. Name the prime minister of Israel, who recently called for another election after he was unable to form a coalition government.
10. The so-called “Cold War in Tech” described on Friday’s show centers on a trade dispute between what two nations?
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