‘Spy Kids’ Star Daryl Sabara (AKA Mr. Meghan Trainor) Charged With WTF Misdemeanor – Perez Hilton

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Dear Future Husband — please don’t embarrass us by getting yourself arrested for something really petty and ridiculous, like say, vandalism.

Meghan Trainor didn’t think to include a verse on avoiding legal trouble in her otherwise oddly specific 2015 hit, but it turns out that might have been some good advice — because here we are in 2019, and her current husband did just that!

Mr. Trainor, AKA Daryl Sabara, was charged with two misdemeanors last week for an incident which took place last Spring in which the actor allegedly tore open a car with his bare hands.

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Um, what??

Yep, the previously precocious star of the first three Spy Kids movies was walking near the UCLA campus when he came across a parked car and allegedly began ripping off the custom side panels. Law enforcement sources told TMZ he ran from the scene.

Unfortunately the IRL Juni ain’t much of a spy — the entire incident was apparently caught on the surveillance cameras of a nearby housing complex, hence Sabara eventually getting charged for the March 5 crime.

The child star is facing one count of vandalism and one count of tampering with a vehicle. His arraignment is scheduled for later this month.

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